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Before and After Photos

Orthodontic treatment can truly transform smiles and people’s lives.
Our staff treats mild to severe cases on a daily basis.

These are some examples of orthodontic problems we can correct.

Case 1 – Crowding
In this patient’s case, the “eye” teeth are up higher than normal and the upper jaw has crowding.

Case 2 – Overlap
This patient’s upper jaw has spacing and front teeth overlap severely.

Case 3 – Openbite
This patient’s front teeth do not touch normally, forming an openbite.

Case 4 – Spacing
In this case, there is a spacing problem in the upper jaw.

Case 5 – Overbite
The patient’s upper front teeth extend out over the lower front teeth, forming an overbite.

Case 6 – Underbite
In this case, the upper teeth are inside the lower teeth, which is also known as an underbite.

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Before and After Photos

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